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Steven and Natalia tie the knot in the Caribbean ..

Their great celebration of love took place in Tulum, during the first week of 2015.  Here are a few photos of their wedding day.IMG_3377 IMG_2290-2 IMG_2662-2 IMG_2471-2 IMG_2538-2  IMG_2377-2           IMG_2428-2 IMG_2459-2 IMG_2572-2 IMG_2709-2


IMG_2767-2 IMG_2761-2

IMG_2768 IMG_2788 IMG_2797 IMG_2798 IMG_2805 IMG_2818 IMG_2831 IMG_2858 IMG_2866 IMG_2894 IMG_2925 IMG_2938

IMG_2841 IMG_2859 IMG_3130 IMG_3150 IMG_3171  IMG_3211

IMG_2908 IMG_2904 IMG_3298 IMG_3333 IMG_3392 IMG_3403 IMG_3412 IMG_3438

IMG_3672 IMG_3755 IMG_3766 IMG_3788 IMG_3933 IMG_3942 IMG_3957 IMG_4201 IMG_4389 IMG_4542

.. and a walk at the beach

web_JJperez000115-R2-E028 web_JJperez000115-R2-E027 web_JJperez000115-R2-E026 web_JJperez000115-R2-E030 web_JJperez000115-R2-E025


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